ADAPT  Advanced Data Planning Tool
 ASEAN  Association of Southeast Asian Nations
 ASF  Agricultural Statistics Forum
 CAADP  Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme
 CAF  Common Assessment Framework
 CAN  Andean Community
 CARICOM  Caribbean Community and Common Market
 CDRs  Call Detail Records
 CELADE  Latin American Demographic Center
 CRESS  Country Report on Support To Statistics
 CSPRO  Census and Survey Processing System
 DCMI  Data Center Manageability Interface
 DDI  Data Documentation Initiative
 DNPM  Department of National Planning and Monitoring
 DQAF  Data Quality Assessment Frameworks
 ECOSOC  United Nations Economic and Social Council
 FAO  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
 FEWSNET  Famine Early Warning Systems Network
 GDDS  General Data Dissemination System
 GDP  Growth Domestic Product
 GSBPM  Generic Statistical Business Process Model
 HIES  Household Income and Expenditure Survey
 HS  Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System
 ICD  International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems
 IEAG  Independent Expert Advisory Group on a Data Revolution for
 Sustainable Development
 IHSN  International Household Survey Network
 IMF  International Monetary Fund
 IPC  Inter-Process Communication
 ISCO  International Standard Classification of Occupations
 ISIC  International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities
 LDCs  Least Developed Countries
 LLDCs   Landlocked Developed Countries
 M&E  Monitoring and Evaluation
 MDGs  Millennium Development Goals
 MET  Meteorological Services
 MOU  Memorandum of Understanding
 MTEFs  Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks
 NADA  National Data Archive
 NDP  National Development Planning
 NEC  National Economic Council
 NQAF  National Quality Assurance Framework
 NSDS  National Strategies for the Development of Statistics
 NSO  National Statistical Office
 NSS  National Statistical System
 OECD  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
 OECS  Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
 OWG  Open Working Group
 PAA  Priorities and Action Agenda
 PNG  Papua New Guinea
 PRESS  Partner Report on Support to Statistics
 PRSs  Poverty Reduction Strategies
 REDATAM  Retrieval of Data for small Areas by Microcomputer
 RSDS  Regional Strategies for the Development of Statistics
 RSS  Regional Statistical System
 SADC  Southern African Development Community
 SC  Steering Committee
 SCB  Statistical Capacity Building
 SDGs  Sustainable Development Goals
 SDG-IEAG   Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goals Indicators
 SDDS  Special Data Dissemination Standard
 SDMX  Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange
 SEEA  System of Integrated Environmental Economic Accounting
 SICA  Central American Integration System
 SMART  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound
 SNA  Systems Network Architecture
 SNA  System of National Accounts
 SPC  Secretariat of the Pacific Community
 SSC  Sector Statistics Committee
 SSDS  Sectoral strategies for the Development of Statistics
 SSPARS  Sector Strategic Plans for Agriculture and Rural Statistics
 STATCAP  Statistical Development and Partnership Programs
 SubNSDS  Subnational Strategies for the Development of Statistics
 SWC  Sectoral Working Committees
 SWOT  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
 TFSCB  Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building
 TWC  Technical Working Committee
 UBOS  Uganda Bureau of Statistics
 UNECA  United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
 UNFPOS  United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics
 UNSC  United Nations Statistical Commission
 WB  World Bank