B. Design Stage

The NSDS strategic and results frameworks and action plan take shape during the design stage. This stage firms up the basis for the NSDS and defines the strategic directions and concrete actions that the national statistical system needs to take for the plan period. 

The NSDS document consists of two main parts: the strategic framework (strategic philosophy and goals) and the costed action plans. The strategic philosophy and goals must be formulated based on an insightful analysis of problems and challenges in relation to the current state of the national statistical system. Concrete outcomes, outputs, and actions must be defined, and the enabling resources and mechanisms identified.The design stage and elaboration of these two key parts are based on the results of the NSS assessment. The NSDS, as a data user driven strategic plan, should be in line with the National Development Plan in terms of goals and strategic statistical development issues. 

The stage covers three (3) phases: assessing the national statistical system, envisioning the strategic direction of the NSS, and elaborating the NSDS action plan. The process can be completed within at least 3 months and no more than 4 months.

3. Assessing the NSS

4. Envisioning and identifying strategic goals

5. Elaborating action plans