3. Assessing the NSS

Assessment of the national statistical system facilitates better understanding of underlying issues and challenges in data production and in meeting user demand for quality statistics. The assessment phase identifies the strengths and weaknesses as well as threats and opportunities in the national statistical system. More importantly, it produces evidence of the specific issues in the statistical business process and the quality of data.

Assessment should cover the three essential (3) dimensions of the national statistical system: 

  • the data users - their needs and satisfaction, 
  • the statistical output - quality of data, and 
  • the system - resources and capacities. 

Assessments are highly recommended to be guided by the UN National Quality Assurance Framework and PARIS21’s Statistical Capacity Development 4.0 (CD4.0).

3.1 Assess the NSS capacity

3.2 Assess output and services

3.3 Assess data needs

3.4 Prepare and validate NSS report