Step 5.1 Preparation and costing of action plans

The NSS   must prepare the NSDS implementation plan  , which is the consolidated action plans   of all relevant NSS stakeholders, to deliver concrete outputs toward achieving identified strategic outcomes and the NSS vision. The main inputs to elaborate the implementation plan are the NSDS strategic framework (Step 4.3) and the NSS Assessment. Development of action plans should covers as many sectors and priority subject-matter areas as possible needed. 

The NSDS strategic framework should provide a clear reference to inform the appropriate actions --- statistical development programs, projects, and high-level activities that NSS stakeholders must carry out to produce the identified outputs.

Action plans:

  • must be prepared by all NSS and data-ecosystem     stakeholders, primarily the government institutions, that produce statistics and undertake statistical research, education, and capacity development;
  • must include concrete timeline to inform the delivery of key outputs; 
  • must be coordinated by NSO to avoid duplication, to consolidate capacities and resources, and to ensure that statistical initiatives will equitably contribute to the strategic outcomes; and
  • must address relevant target areas of capacity development (Statistical Capacity Development 4.0) and be guided by the UN National Quality Assurance Framework.
  • must include estimates of the cost needed to implement the sector action plans including cost for personnel services, operational expenses, infrastructure and technology outlay.

Concrete actions

  • Organize technical workshops by sector or subject-matter area among relevant stakeholders to collectively identify appropriate and priority actions to achieve the outcomes and outputs in the NSDS strategic framework.
    • Evaluate action plans identified in ADAPT, if any, for consideration/inclusion.
    • Take into account managing crises, emergencies and disasters data demand.
    • For cross-cutting issues, such as gender, it may be relevant to hold dedicated consultations with focal points from various sectors, ministries, departments and agencies.
  • Prepare sector or subject-matter action plans with clear timeline to deliver outputs in line with mandate or according to a system of designated statistics, if any exists, as well as shared outputs with other NSS stakeholders (i.e., system-wide, sectoral, and subject-matter).
    • For cross-cutting areas, such as gender statistics, action plans may be mainstreamed throughout the overall action plan for the NSS and/or in individualized sector plans. A consolidated gender-specific action plan may also be useful and retaining a clear picture of the overall NSS-wide approach, and to facilitate visibility with key partners and stakeholders.
  • Estimate the cost needed to implement the sector action plans, including cost for personnel services, operational expenses, and infrastructure and technology outlay. 
  • Consolidate the cost estimates of sector and subject-matter action plans into the proposed NSDS financing plan and budget.
  • Review and consolidate all action plans into the NSDS implementation plan highlighting key outputs and milestones for the NSS as a whole and by sector and/or subject-matter area and identifying accountability centers (e.g., implementing entities and development partners).

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