Declaration of Minister of National Planning of Papua New Guinea - World Statistics Day (20 October 2010)

PNG currently has a weak national statistical system where a full range of statistics is not being produced as required by the Statistical Services Act. Also with that the capability of the NSO to produce a wide range of statistics is limited in terms of collection, processing, analysing, and dissemination of statistical data. The main reason for this weakness is due to lack of resources to develop the organisation’s statistical capability. The NSO is faced with new demands and challenges and that professional expertise need to be acquired by NSO. Such demands could be in terms of new subject measures, special surveys/data collection, or analysis. The focus is to improve on service delivery and maintaining professional capability as well as addressing a range of strategies for ensuring our national system capability to meet the current and future user needs. In PNG official statistics have served development in many specific areas of the economy, the demography, social and health matters and the environment. Without the statistics, development in those areas could be hindered.