Uganda - examples of results in statistics sectors

Here are some examples of progress made in statistics in sectors in Uganda

Ministry of agriculture

At the start of the process, the Ministry of Agriculture, a key ministry given the importance of the agriculture sector to the economy, had a Statistics Unit with an establishment of 2 professional statisticians. As a result of the advocacy and sensitization - part of the NSDS process - the Unit was upgraded to a Division with 18 professional staff - 1 Assistant Commissioner Division Head), 1 Principal Statistician, 3 Senior Statisticians and 13 Statisticians. Already the Commissioner and 12 statisticians are in place. Statistics function and profile in this sector has completely changed.

Police department

Before the NSDS, the statistics function in the Police Department was on stretcher. Again with high level advocacy and sensitization, the statistics function has changed. At the start of the NSDS process, the department had only 4 statisticians. Currently the department has 20 statisticians in place. In addition, resources have been made available within the department's budget for equipment, etc.

Yumbe Local Government (district)

The activities in the District Statistics Plan were built into the district development plan and got funded by government. The same goes for equipment like computers, etc.