Step 6.3 Implement the NSDS action plans

Implementing the NSDS action plans   requires a shared commitment among all stakeholders to deliver the outputs toward achieving the strategic outcomes. Institutionalized mechanisms for governance (governance structure  ), coordination, strategic and technical guidance, and facilitation of the NSS   are essential to ensure effective and efficient delivery of results by the NSO and ministries/agencies. 

Concrete actions

  • Engage directly with ministries/agencies on the implementation of statistical development plans, bilaterally, sector-wise, subject-matter-wise, or through development clusters.
  • Facilitate engagement between implementing ministries/agencies and the private sector, civil society, academic and research community, and development partners on implementation/partnership on specific statistical development activities
  • Establish an appropriate governance structure for the NSS and appropriate inter-agency mechanisms to guide and coordinate the implementation of system-wide, sectoral, and subject-matter action plans toward delivery of outputs and outcomes;
    • Organize or convene the highest statistical body for policy guidance on major implementation issues in the NSO and ministries/agencies;
    • Organize or convene any sectoral and subject-matter interagency groups   for guidance on technical issues on shared or related outputs;

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