Step 6.4 Monitor and report on progress periodically  

Well-designed monitoring   activities produce basic data and information that can be used to notify potential problems, address challenges, or create alternative solutions. Monitoring must be mainly focused on collecting data and information on indicators to measure results identified in the M&E framework.

Concrete actions

  • Prepare an overall NSDS monitoring plan based on the M&E framework     detailing the results, activities, and timeline of reporting and completion of other relevant interventions such as M&E capacity development, and the costing.
  • Develop appropriate reporting guidelines, standards, and mechanisms for overall, sectoral/subject-matter, and agency level M&E.
  • Establish and manage a database of M&E information resources (e.g., data, documents, and digital content) to facilitate generation of regular M&E reports;
  • Organize M&E training-workshop/s among NSO and the ministries/agencies.
    • Orient participants on basic concepts and methods.
    • Inform participants about the M&E framework, strategy, and guidelines.
    • Train participants on the proper use of M&E reporting mechanisms.
  • Implement the NSDS M&E plan  .  
    • Coordinate sharing of annual agency monitoring reports  , or more frequent reports as may be necessary.
    • Conduct other monitoring activities such as surveys, review meetings, and discussions to gather relevant data and information.
    • Encode M&E data and information into the database, preferably accessible online, and analyse.
    • Communicate the initial findings and recommendations to ministries/agencies and coordinate their responses or actions.
    • Prepare the NSDS consolidated annual monitoring reports.
    • Submit the NSDS consolidated annual monitoring reports to the highest statistical authority   and highest statistical body   for evaluation  , approval, and endorsement.
    • Disseminate the NSDS consolidated annual monitoring reports to the ministries/agencies and publish them on the NSO website.

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