Step 4.3 Validate the NSDS strategic framework

The NSDS strategic framework, represented by the results framework/matrix     and supported by the objective tree     or theory of change  , consolidates the strategic philosophy (vision, mission, and core values), the strategic goals or outcomes, the key outputs, the indicators, and the underlying assumptions and risks of the NSS   as presented in the new NSDS.

The framework consolidates all the results and learnings from consultations with key stakeholders in the strategic planning phase of the NSDS design process which needs to be validated collectively by the NSS stakeholders.

Concrete actions

  • Validate the NSDS strategic framework by the NSDS steering committee and technical working groups and/or existing interagency sectoral or subject-matter groups appointed in Step 2.1
    • Validate with stakeholders the relevance and applicability of the framework for the NSS as a whole and for the priority sectors and subject-matter areas.
  • Submit the validated strategic framework to the highest statistical authority   and/or highest statistical body   for final review, approval, and endorsement.

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