Step 2.2: Officially launch the NSDS development process

The formal launch of the NSDS process by the key stakeholders   of statistics signifies the collective recognition and ownership of the NSDS by the national statistical system  . The highest statistical authority   should lead the event and the highest statistical body   should support it.

  • Ensure participation of key stakeholders and invite them through conventional official correspondence or email.
    • Involving all key stakeholders will contribute significantly in ensuring an NSDS that is responsive and inclusive and promote ownership.
  • Make a public announcement of the official launch on the NSO website.
    • The public announcement will ensure that all stakeholders of statistics are informed of the preparation of the NSDS and contribute to increasing awareness of efforts to improve statistics and the national statistical system.

Gender Country Example

Dominican Republic: NSDS Workshop

Prior to launching the NSDS process in 2019, the Dominican Republic’s NSO (Oficina Nacional Estadística) held a workshop on the importance to mainstream gender in statistical planning, especially through the NSDS. 60 representatives of governmental organizations and statistics users kick-started the discussion of appropriate gender statistics strategies. 

The following week, 120 participants met to launch the NSDS process and discuss the NSDS effectiveness for statistical planning in collaboration with PARIS21. During the launch of the NSDS, outputs from the gender workshop informed attendees on the importance of gender statistics and on the challenges that the NSS faces to monitor progress towards gender equality.

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