Step 2.3: Organise an NSDS training workshop for the NSS

The NSDS training-workshop is specifically designed to involve all key stakeholders   of statistics in the national statistical system including data users, producers, and development partners.

The NSDS training-workshop integrates training on basic results-based management   principles and tools. This will include:

  • Explanation of the NSDS process
  • Identification of the various policy frameworks   (sectoral, national, regional, international levels) relevant for the NSDS
  • Introduction of the relevant resources and tools (in particular the Capacity Development 4.0 Guidelines for Developing Statistical Capacity) 

In some country cases, the NSDS training workshop may be combined with the NSS assessment.

Concrete Actions:

Ensure participation of relevant staff of key stakeholders. (Involving all key stakeholders will contribute significantly in ensuring an NSDS that is responsive and inclusive and promote ownership.)

Ensure participation of and partnership with the national development/planning and finance agencies. (Partnership between the national statistics office and national development/planning and finance agencies is crucial to ensure direct link among the planning, statistical and expenditure frameworks.)

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